Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Yes, Sex is Sacred!

There is more to sex than what our parents, television, or society says!

Everything that lives is born of sex, including the soul.

Get started.

Jesus and Mary in love

Look into the marvelous heritage of humanity, the sacred scriptures from all religions, and discover how sex can build love and happiness.


Sacred sexuality is the normal function of the body, and when it is restored, so is our health, happiness, and contentment. Learn the method, whether you are single or married.

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in Facts Terminology by Administrator
The Sanskrit word Karmamudra is a technical term utilized in Tibetan Buddhism, specifically in Tantra. The term is derived from karman (act) and mudra (seal), so can be translated as "action seal" or "activity seal." It refers to a secret level of Tantra in which specially prepared initiates - one…

Nietzsche: Sex

in Scriptures Western by Friedrich Nietzsche
Sex: to all hair-shirted despisers of the body, their thorn and stake, and cursed as "world" among all the afterworldly because it mocks and fools all teachers of error and confusion. Sex: for the rabble, the slow fire on which they are burned; for all worm-eaten wood and all stinking rags, the…


in Scriptures Greco-Roman by Euripides
...this god is a prophet; the Bacchic ecstasy and frenzy hold a strong prophetic element. When he fills irresistibly a human body he gives those so possessed power to foretell the future. [...] Dionysus will not compel women to be chaste, since in all matters self-control resides in our own…

Gurdjieff: The Beginning of the Orgasm

in Scriptures Western by Gurdjieff
“Before continuing to relate how all this occurred, I must tell you in a little more detail about that sacred substance which is the final result of the evolving transformations of every kind of being-food and is formed in the presence of every being without distinction of 'brain system.' This…


in Facts Terminology by Administrator
The Sanskrit word मिथुन is used in Hindu Tantras (esoteric scriptures) to refer to the sacrament (sacred ritual) of sexual union between husband and wife. Maithuna or Mithuna has various appearances in scripture: Mithuna: paired, forming a pair; copulation; the zodiacal sign of Gemini in Vedic…

Sexual Organs and Hormones

in Facts Anatomy by Samael Aun Weor
Biologists have evidenced through many years of observation and direct experience that the sexual glands are not closed capsules, since they excrete and increte hormones. The hormones of secretion are called “conserving,” because they perpetuate the species. The hormones of incretion are called…

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