"The truth is that before the individual acquires new powers he does not even remotely know or possess, he must acquire powers he mistakenly thinks he has, but really does not." - Samael Aun Weor

Before all, it is necessary to know the way which takes us to the inner Self-realization of the Being.

It is urgent to comprehend the necessity to crystallize within us that which is called Soul. Jesus the Christ said:

"With patience shall you possess your souls."

Also, before all, it is good to understand what the Soul is. Truly I must tell you that the Soul is a group of laws, principles, virtues, powers, etc. People possess the Essence, the psychic material to produce the Soul, but they do not possess the Soul yet.

Obviously, someone who wants to possess that which is normally called Soul must disintegrate the undesirable psychic elements (“I’s”) like laziness, gluttony, etc. Virgil, the poet of Mantua, said,

"No, not if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” - Virgil, The Aeneid, book six

Obviously, they are called “psychic aggregates” in Tibet. These aggregates are like many of the elementaries which several occult organizations talk about, and they are a living personification of our errors.


It has been said that Jesus of Nazareth threw seven demons out of Mary Magdalene’s body.

...and the twelve were with him, and certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils... - Luke 8

Indubitably these represent the seven capital defects which incessantly multiply themselves. This affirmation about the Christ means that the inner Christ threw several inhuman psychic aggregates out of Mary Magdalene’s body. Each one of these aggregates is organized in a very similar way to that of the human personality, and they possess three brains: the intellectual, the emotional, and the moving-instinctual-sexual.

Each aggregate really looks like a person. If we say that many people live within us, we are not exaggerating; it is so. All the aggregates fight with each other, they struggle for superiority. Each one of them wants to be the “master,” the lord. The one who succeeds in imposing himself, the one who succeeds in controlling the five cylinders of the organic machine in a given moment, thinks he is the only one. Moments later, nevertheless, he is vanquished and another takes his place.

So in reality, truly, a person is not the same, not even for half an hour. It seems incredible, but it is so. You, yourselves, sitting here and listening, came in with an aggregate, and you sat and listened, but if you pay attention to what has happened inside you until this precise moment, you will discover that now you are different, that you are not the same ones who came here and sat down. Why? Because the psychic aggregate which controls the organic machine and began sitting down was displaced by another which is now listening.

If I said you were the same all along, I would be abusing your mind and my own. So in reality, psychic aggregates are changing; one is in control of the main centers of the brain just as soon as another. We never remain the same.

As for the Essence, it is the most worthy, the most decent thing we have inside of us. It is our Consciousness. Unquestionably, it is found bottled within all those multiple aggregates, processing itself by virtue of its own conditioning.

Each one of you is legion. Let us remember what Master Jesus asked the possessed man in the gospel. “What is your name?” And the possessed man answered, “My name is legion.”

What is the name of each person here? Legion! You do not have true individuality. You have not achieved it.

The Consciousness in each one of you is terribly asleep. Why? Because it processes itself by virtue of its own embottlement. It is found in a hypnotic state and that cannot be denied.

And about the Soul itself, have you achieved, perhaps, its crystallization? If I said that you do not have an immortal Soul, I would also be lying; I am conscious of this. Obviously, each of you has an immortal Soul, but you do not possess it.

Someone could have a beautiful diamond put away in a safe, and possibly he would enjoy thinking he has such object. But if it were pawned, he would not possess it. He would know that he has the jewel, but he could not ignore that he truly does not possess it.

Many times someone receives a nice inheritance and he knows he has it, but it is one thing to have it and another to possess it.

Where is our Soul? It travels through the Milky Way, it moves throughout the galaxy, but you who are sitting here do not possess it. You know you have it, but it is one thing to know you have it and another to really possess it.

So it is valuable to possess it, but how would one come to possess one’s Soul? By definitely disintegrating the psychic aggregates, because the Soul and the aggregates are incompatible. They are like oil and water, they cannot mix.

If we do not disintegrate the psychic aggregates, the living personification of our psychological defects, we lose our Soul.

What use would it be – said Jesus the Christ – if a man acquires all the treasures of the world, but loses his Soul? It would be of no use to him. Is it possible to lose your Soul? Yes, it is possible. Whoever enters the worlds of hell loses his Soul, that is obvious.

It is said that we lose this treasure. Is there a way to not lose it? Yes, I repeat, by crystallizing it, here and now.

When one completely breaks and disintegrates the psychic aggregate of lust, or aggregates because there are many, one crystallizes in one’s Essence that precious virtue of the Soul known as Chastity.

When one destroys, annihilates, the psychic aggregate of hate, one crystallizes in oneself the precious virtue of love. When one reduces the psychic aggregate of egotism to cosmic dust, one then crystallizes the precious virtue of altruism, of Christ-centrism, in oneself. When one annihilates the psychic aggregate of pride, then the ineffable virtue of humility crystallizes in us.

Upon getting to this part of our talk, I want to say that, lamentably, many occultist, esoteric texts take you to mystical pride, and that is serious. Very venerable and outstanding authors affirm that we are “gods,” that each one of us is a “God.” Obviously, this declaration comes to justify in us the mystical pride which causes so much damage in the way of self-fulfillment, because when one is conceited, convinced that one is a “God,” one can turn into a megalomaniac.

Unquestionably, it is not possible to turn yourself into a true illuminate when you have pride. We could never think of a “God” as a drunkard, a fornicator, an adulterer, a fighter, an egoist, or as envious, jealous, lustful, etc. Each one of us is all of that, in truth.

It has always given me much pain to find in occult texts, without citing at this moment any organization, some which are very venerable, this tremendously hazardous affirmation that we are “gods.” Observe the reality of the facts, see what we are and do not forge illusions of ourselves: we eat, we drink, we fornicate, we adulterate, we hate, we criticize, we are jealous, etc. Do you by chance believe in a “God” such as that? It is better to say that we are vile worms in the mud of the earth, and be convinced of it.

If we want to convince ourselves, it would suffice to be sincere with ourselves. If we examine our existence cautiously, and discover that in reality our life is not one of the seven wonders of the world, that examination we make over ourselves and over our own life would be of wondrous consequences, because it would permit us to know what we are. We would understand that we are nothing more than poor sinners, vile worms in the mud of the earth.

In this way will we follow the path of simplicity and humility. When one truly disintegrates that psychic aggregate of pride, then humility, which is the most precious virtue, crystallizes in us.

It must be taken into account that there is not only pride based on social position, money, family lineage, etc., there is a pride which is much worse and hazardous than those forms. I have just cited it, and it is mystical pride, to believe ourselves as being saints, wise-men, to feel ourselves as gods, to suppose nobody is bigger than us, that we are great demigods, etc.

This is serious because, in reality, pride will truly never permit us to have a correct relationship with the upper parts of the Being. When one cannot relate oneself with the upper parts of the Being, then one cannot enjoy illumination either. You will have to live relying on books, reading, listening to conferences, but you will never have the mystical experience of what is real.

First of all, it is urgent to carry out these studies, which we achieve by eliminating from ourselves mystical pride, which is most dangerous. If we achieve this, the precious virtue of humility blossoms within us.

Each time we eliminate a psychic aggregate, there crystallizes a virtue, a power, a law, a gift, etc. This is how, little by little, we crystallize the Soul within us. That Soul which normally lives around the Milky Way, travelling, slowly crystallizes within us. Nevertheless, we must also affirm that “if water does not boil at 100 C,” what must crystallized within us does not crystallize and what must be disintegrated is not disintegrated.

When I say the “water must boil at 100 C” I am speaking in the form of a parable. I mean that we need to go through great emotional crisis to disintegrate each psychological defect.

I know the story of a Gnostic sister who was working so hard on herself, that she even got heart sickness. That sister, in tremendous and supreme repentance, cries daily, moans, suffers. She has never thought herself as more than anyone else, and nevertheless, she is the fallen bodhisattva of an angel. I wish many would follow this example.

Whoever would act like this, with supreme repentance, working hard on such or another psychological defect, unquestionably disintegrates the psychic aggregates one by one, and in their place there will crystallize that which is called Soul.

Whoever achieves complete elimination of all the undesirable psychic elements he carries within, crystallizes one hundred percent in himself his Soul, a group, I repeat, of precious virtues or ineffable genies, attributes, laws, gifts and qualities of perfection. Even the physical body must be transformed into Soul. Only in this way does one get where one must go.

I know many scholars of brilliant intellectualism who have drunk from all the philosophies of the world, be it western or eastern. They know Hebrew , Sanskrit, and even Greek, yet they suffer horribly, they do not enjoy illumination because they have not yet produced the Bodhichitta. This word may sound a little strange to you. It happens to be an oriental term.

In Japan, China, India, and Nepal, wherever Gautama, the Buddha Sakyamuni, was born, the crystallized Soul in a man or a woman was called Bodhichitta. It is marvelous to see how those diverse spiritual elements, virtues, and powers crystallize slowly in the Essence as it is being liberated.

For this reason we said the Essence is material to crystallize the Soul. The term “produce” does not seem very correct to us. We truly find it very heavy, grotesque. Nevertheless, many authors use this term. Permit me the liberty to dissent with them. I prefer to say crystallize, because the Soul is not something one must produce, it exists. It happens to be that we must crystallize it, and that is different.

You have seen, for example, a piece of ice. It is the crystallization of the element water. Unquestionably, when cold is applied to it, it takes form and is converted into ice. It is amazing to see the crystallization of water. It is done in accordance with certain extraordinary geometric principles.

We have a body of flesh and bone. This physical body is formed by organs, the organs by cells, the cells by molecules, etc. There is no doubt that there has been an intelligent directing principle that has promoted order in living cells in the form of organs. The idea of “unconscious cells” ordering themselves in sleep, just like that, in the form of organs, makes me laugh. How absurd that is! Sleeping, unconscious, blind cells (as Haeckel would say), organizing themselves in the form of organs. That would not fit in the mind of anybody.

Some authors state that such cells organize themselves in the form of organs, authors that do not know what to do upon seeing the wonders of this world, a world in which everything works in mechanical form, as they believe, without a directing principle. They are unconscious.

The cells are organized in a conscious way. Thanks to the intelligent principle of Mother Nature it is possible to organize the cells of the organism in the form of organs.

But if we decompose any atom, be it of the liver, of the kidneys, or of the pancreas, we liberate energy. It is obvious for now that, in the last synthesis, the physical body is made up of different types and subtypes of energy. That is indubitable.

Karl Marx stated: “Which is first, matter or psyche, psyche or matter?” He concludes stating that matter is first. That is completely absurd because Einstein’s postulates state that matter is nothing but condensed energy. Let us remember the postulate that states the following:

Energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light. Mass is transformed into energy, energy in transformed into mass.

Which is the first to exist? First: energy crystallizes into mass. Then the psyche, which is energy in the most complete meaning of the word, is what is first. Then comes mass.

Let us see the worlds around the Sun: they are enormous masses, each one with a defined weight, an exact volume. Nevertheless, they rotate around the Sun, moved by solar energy. If not for solar energy, those worlds would be dislocated in space, they would roll eternally until they crashed into some comet, or with other worlds. It would be anarchy, disorder, conflict. But, the worlds function in an organized manner and maintain the energy around the Sun with exactness. Centripetal energy attracts them, and the centrifugal energy keeps them away. It is energy which makes them rotate.

Then what is first, energy or matter? It is obviously energy, because if not, matter would not exist. For matter to exist, it needs the universal energy to condense; matter is condensed energy.

As for the human organism, first there exists the energy that permits the atoms to rotate around their nuclear centers in the molecule, thus permitting all organic functions; not only merely chemically reproductive functions, but also functions related with calories, perceptions, etc., and, what is more, those functions which are related to imagination and will.

It would not be possible to conceive an organic body deprived of energy. How would catalytic phenomena occur if energy did not exist? Yes, energy is first and matter is second. If we call that energy spirit or Consciousness or whatever, it does not matter! The name is not important, the reality is that energy comes before matter.

There exists a body of organic life (the Vital Body), and that has been demonstrated. The Russians have an instrument that can photograph the Vital Body, and they are studying it. Not only are they studying it in relation to the physical organism, but what is more, they are studying it independently of the physical organism. They call it the “bioplastic body.”

Continuing with this subject, we will say that the Vital Body is the one that sustains all the processes of organic life, whether we call it Lingam-Sarira or bioplastic body. It does not matter!

As we disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates, as we crystallize the Soul, the highest part of the Vital Body will break loose from the lower part and will integrate itself completely with the Essence and the virtues that have crystallized in the Essence.

The Vital Body has four kinds of Ethers: The first is the Chemical Ether, with which all organic assimilation and elimination processes are carried out, as well as catalytic phenomena and others. The second is the Ether of Life, through which the reproduction of living beings is possible. Those two Ethers are the inferior ones. The two superior ones are the Luminous and Reflecting Ethers. The Luminous Ether is the means by which the forces of gravity, calories, and perceptions function. The Reflecting Ether is related to the imagination and will.

These two Ethers break loose from the two lower ones to join with the Essence, in which all the virtues of the Soul shine. This is how the Ethereal Man, the Christic Man, the Soul Man, or the Spirit-Man is born, the one who enters and leaves the physical body by his own will.

Much has been said about the chakras in the feet, in the hands, about spearing of the Lord’s side, about the spinal crown, etc. These are the stigmata.

The Gautama Buddha appears with those stigmata on his hands and feet. They are vortexes of expansive magnetic forces in the Vital Body. They develop completely when the two upper ethers break loose from the two lower ones. And those ethers, organized in the form of the Celestial Man, united with the Essence which has been enriched with the virtues of the Soul, form the Ethereal Man, the Christified Man of the Fifth Round.


The First Round was in the World of the Mind, the Second was in the Astral World, the Third in the Ethereal (Vital) World, the fourth in the Physical World, and the Fifth will be once more in the Ethereal. Then life will develop in the Theoretical World and there will be Christified Men in the epoch, as there are now. And Christified Men will be like that, as I described them; they will have a Christified Ethereal (Vital) Body. This Body will replace the physical one, it will be the vehicle of an Essence that has been enriched with the virtues of the Soul. That Spirit-Man of the Fifth Round will be the Christ-Man.

If you comprehend that, you will also comprehend the necessity to crystallize the Soul. Only in this way will you be able to make yourself independent of this physical body of flesh and bone. It is very dense, of a very heavy material.

When one achieves producing the To Soma Psuchikon, the Christified Ethereal (Vital) Body, so to speak, it works as a vehicle for the Essence enriched with the attributes of the Soul. The Spirit-Man has then been born in us. That Spirit-Man will no longer be imprisoned in his dense body, he will be able to enter and leave the body at will, he will be a glorious adept.

In life there have been men who have succeeded in doing this. Let us cite Saint Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua, Christian mystics that have worked as examples to the people of tomorrow.

The Celestial Man is really no longer a prisoner within the cell of physical matter. He can leave that body when he wishes to travel through the unchangeable infinite, to submerge himself in such a vehicle in the upper worlds, to descend to the bottom of the sea, or visit the solar dynasties in the king heavenly body.

But how would this be achieved if we do not eliminate the psychic aggregates? It would obviously be impossible. If we want to turn into true Christian men, we need to eradicate all those psychic elements we carry inside. Thus the Bodhichitta of which the Orientals speak is the Ethereal Man, the Man who has crystallized his Soul in himself, in he who possesses it, the true lord.

He who possesses the Bodhichitta within himself will be able to submerge himself in the depth of the oceans without any harm and visit the Temples of the Serpent.

In the Orient there is a plant that cures any wound, as serious as it may be: thus are the wounds of the Soul. Only the Bodhichitta can heal such wounds.

In the Orient there is a plant called “good memory,” and whoever drinks of it can remember all the events of this current life and of his preceding lives. Likewise is the Bodhichitta. In a similar way, whoever possesses it can remember all his earlier lives. If he visits the ineffable heavens, upon returning to the physical world, upon entering his body, he will not forget any detail whatsoever.

In the Orient there is a plant with which it is possible to counteract the wicked magical spells of the tenebrous ones. Similarly, whoever possesses the Bodhichitta will not suffer any harm from the tenebrous ones.

In the Orient there is a plant with which it is possible to make yourself invisible. Whoever possesses the Bodhichitta is able to make himself invisible in case of some necessity before his worst enemies.

Thus, like someone who can throw himself to the bottom of the sea amidst sharks and defend himself without suffering any harm; likewise is the Bodhichitta. Whoever possesses it, similarly, will be able to enter the bottom of the oceans, with out suffering any harm whatsoever.

It is said that the lotus flower of the Logos upholds universal life; likewise is the Bodhichitta. Whoever possesses it can keep his physical body for millions of years.

There are many who write to me complaining that they do not know how to leave in the Astral body, that they do not have illumination, etc. But, how could anyone have illumination if he does not possess the Bodhichitta? Only by having the Bodhichitta will one ever enjoy the blessing of illumination. Illumination is not something which is going to be given to us as a gift, no, my dear friends. It costs, and very dearly. Illumination is only explained through the Dharmadhatu. And, what is Dharmatdhatu? Good Dharma, a reward for acquired merits.

Only he who possesses the Bodhichitta, so to say, only he who has crystallized the Soul, will be able to enjoy illumination, he will have the merits to have it. Illumination is explained with the dharmadhatu, with universal dharma, so to say, the reward for our good deeds. Nobody could enjoy illumination if he does not possess the Bodhichitta. And nobody could have the Bodhichitta if he has not worked hard on himself, if he as not disintegrated the psychic aggregates.

So, my dear friends, we need to work on ourselves if we want to possess that which is called Soul. “With patience you shall possess your Souls.” Thus it is written in the Lord’s Gospel.

Obviously there is the need for a method to be able to annihilate the psychic aggregates. Unquestionably, we are to start with Psychological Self-Observation. When one admits one has one’s own particular, individual psychology, one must propose to self-observe at home, at work, in the outdoors, etc., wherever our hidden psychological defects may emerge. If we self-observe ourselves continuously, we will be able to see them. A discovered defect must be torn open with the scalpel of self-criticism to see what it is that it has inside. Instead of us criticizing the lives of others, we must criticize ourselves.

When we have found some defect in ourselves, we must analyze it carefully, open it up, I repeat, with the scalpel of self-criticism. This is possible with the “evident self-reflection of the being,” with in-depth Meditation as its basis.

Once we have totally comprehended the defect in question, we must disintegrate it atomically.

The mind by itself cannot alter any defect radically. It can pass it from one level to another of understanding, hide it from itself or from others, justify it or condemn it, look for evasives, etc., but the mind can never any defect radically.

A power that is superior to that of the mind is needed. Fortunately, this power exists. It is found latent in the depths of our being. I want to refer myself emphatically to the igneous serpent of our magical powers: Isis, Adonia, Rhea, Cybele, Tonatzin, the chaste Diana, or Marah; the name does not matter, it is not outside; no, it is within.

Obviously, this flaming power is a variant of our own being, but derived. If in Meditation we call for help from Devi Kundalini Shakti, the mystical serpent of the great mysteries, we will be assisted. She can pulverize any psychic aggregate, if it has been previously comprehended in all levels of the mind.

Once it has been annihilated, a replacement will emerge: some virtue of the Soul, some new characteristic, some law, some special gift, some quality.

Indubitably, if we achieve the absolute destruction of the diverse undesirable psychic elements, there will have crystallized in each one of us totality of the Soul. This would allow the Essence, enriched with all the ineffable attributes, to dress itself with the To Soma Psuchikon, which is the vehicle of the Soul, the wedding garment.

Thus is how, in reality, the Celestial Man is truly born within us. This one is not going to be a prisoner of the body any longer. Let us remember those words of Saint Paul when he says: “I knew a man who was taken to the third heaven, where he saw and heard words and unspeakable things which, to men, it is not feasible to comprehend.” Paul of Tarsus was taken to the To Soma Psuchikon as Spirit-Man, as an Ethereal Man. And, in fact, he knew the wonders of the universe.

So, my dear friends, I have invited you cordially to crystallize in each one of you that which is called Soul.