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This month, our theme is "How to Meditate"

We hope these lectures and musical selections elevate and inspire you.

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About Gnostic Radio

Gnostic Radio broadcasts lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more.

Did you notice we have no ads? That is because Gnostic Radio is a donation-supported service produced by Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization.

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About the Instructors

The instructors who teach the lectures are volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each has years of experience teaching and working with the practices and exercises that awaken the consciousness. In keeping with the spirit of the Gnostic goal and perspective, the lecturers do not broadcast their names, faces, or personal information, in order to reduce the strong influence that personality has in spiritual communities and to emphasize the message: "Know thyself..." The goal of Gnosis is to learn how to follow our inner Being, not any physical person. Thus, our instructors do not have spiritual titles or names, do not accept followers, and live their lives anonymously like any other person in society.

Quote of the Day

"The one who does not know how to fulfill his duties as a simple citizen cannot tread the path of the great mysteries. Many disciples forget the good manners of a sincere and honorable gentleman or lady and become truly irresponsible and even dangerous individuals."

Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries